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Blake Harris | State Director

Our members are local parents, educators, and community leaders—individuals just like you. Our mission is to guarantee that every child has access to a high quality public school education.

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Teachers Matter

Teachers are the single most important in-school factor for a child’s educational success. In order for Alabama to recruit and retain more effective teachers, several key changes must take place.

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Teachers Aren't Dumb

But the problem in American education is not dumb teachers. The problem is dumb teacher training. Teachers are smart enough, but you need more than smarts to teach well. You need to know your subject and you need to know how to help children learn it.

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School Choice Extending Options to Students, Parents

In the modern world of public education, school districts across the country are abandoning the one-size-fits-all approach to teaching today’s children and developing instead multiple pathways for families and students to chose an education befitting their schedule, needs and interests.Locally, Mobile and Baldwin counties have greatly expanded and differentiated the programs offered to students over the past decade, and with charter schools a new reality in Alabama, it’s likely that diversification will continue as traditional schools could be forced to further compete for dwindling public resources.

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