Our People

StudentsFirst hires talented, passionate individuals to contribute to defending the interests of children within America’s public education system. Our staff is dedicated to StudentsFirst’s mission, driven by their desire to see projects to fruition and inspired by knowing they are a pivotal piece of our organizations continued growth and success. We aggressively recruit talent and heavily invest in our people so that they can make a real difference in the pursuit to transform education.

Guiding Principles


As individuals and an organization, we are always committed and focused on what is best for students.


We exhibit the courage of our convictions as we fight to improve educational achievement for all students.


We lead with integrity and honesty in our words and actions.


We are thoughtful and methodical as we pursue a progressive education reform agenda.


We respect and value the work and opinions of our members, colleagues, and the broader education community.


We are eager and willing to learn and evolve as an organization when presented with compelling evidence.

Life at StudentsFirst


StudentsFirst’s culture is energetic, fast-paced, and focused. Whether a member of our Regional Staff or our Sacramento office, our environment is driven by smart and talented professionals with a wide range of personal interests and diversity of backgrounds.

Our team members value and care about each other, collaborate on projects and decision making and spend time getting to know each other in and out of the office. StudentsFirst believes their staff is invaluable to the organization and our mission to defend the interests of children and pursue transformative education based reform.


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  • South Carolina
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  • New York
  • Our Benefits

    Health Benefits

    SF employees and their dependents have access to FREE and competitive health, dental, vision and life insurance plans.


    Along with the comprehensive health benefit package, SF also offers a robust 401(k) savings plan with Fidelity Investments.

    Gym Discount

    Sacramento employees can take advantage of our group rates with California Family Fitness. Cal Fit is an award-winning gym with world- class facilities, amenities, and services including rock climbing, childcare and personal training.

    Time Off

    SF employees enjoy 10 paid holidays and 136 hours (about 3.5 weeks) of vacation time per year. In the event of an illness, SF have 40 hours of sick time available. Sick time can be used to care for sick dependents as well!


    SF leads the non-profit sector in compensation by offering highly competitive salaries!

    Hiring Process

    We are glad you are exploring a possible career with StudentsFirst. As an applicant for one of our career openings, you will be participating in a process, which endeavors to obtain the most qualified candidates for employment. The employment process consists of various steps specifically designed to not only evaluate objectively your education, experience, skills, knowledge and abilities for the position, but also your potential cultural fit here at StudentsFirst. As a applicant you can expect to progress through the following steps:

    Step 1: Application Review

    We review your resume and cover letter thoroughly to determine whether your qualifications are a strong match. We will contact you only if you are invited to advance in the selection process.

    Step 2: Exploratory Call

    After careful review of your resume, we will contact you to set up a call between you and our Recruiter. This is the first stage of the interview process where you will be asked to discuss your background and relevant skills. This call should take no longer then 15 minutes.

    Step 3: Phone Interview

    If you are invited to advance in the interview process, our recruiter will contact you to schedule an interview between you and the hiring manager. This is typically a phone or virtual interview that should take no longer then 30 minutes. During this call you will discuss your background and relevant skills further, as well as the organization’s mission and position details. Please note, you may be asked to speak with one or two relating team members.

    Step 4: Hiring Exercise

    If you are invited to advance in the selection process you will likely be asked to complete a written hiring exercise (or in some cases, to submit a work sample). This allows us to gauge your writing and analysis abilities. Please note, only a small percentage of applicants are invited to this step.

    Step 5: In- Person Interviews

    If you are invited to move forward after completing the hiring exercise, you can expect to participate in several phone interviews. Finalists will meet with the hiring manager from StudentsFirst and possibly a few cross department team members in person before receiving an offer.

    Step 6: References

    Before extending an offer, StudentsFirst will request and contact professional references, including at least two previous or current direct supervisors.

    These steps represent a typical process, but your experience may vary. Our Human Resources team carefully designs each hiring process to be as orderly as possible given the specific circumstances of the vacancy.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I’m interested in applying for a position, but I don’t see a closing date anywhere in the job description. Is the position still open?

    If a position is listed on our website, we are actively accepting applications. We accept and review applications – and make hiring decisions – on a rolling basis, so apply as soon as possible.

    Will I be notified of my status after submitting an application?

    After applying you will receive a “confirmation email” thanking you for applying. If we believe you are a potential fit for the position, we will email you with information about next steps.

    How do I submit an application for multiple positions?

    If you are interested in several different positions, please apply to each position individually by adding your resume and cover letter to the position opening.

    Is a cover letter required for every position for which I apply?

    No, however they are strongly encouraged. If you are applying for multiple positions, submit a customized cover letter that reflects your interest in all opportunities for which you have applied. You may either submit one cover letter addressing all positions or submit a separate cover letter for each position.

    Does StudentsFirst review supplemental materials—such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, or writing samples?

    Initially, we only review the specific materials requested in the job description. We may ask for additional materials at a later time.

    How do I see a full list of all vacancies at StudentsFirst?

    Visit this page to see a full list of all current vacancies.

    I saw a posting for a job at StudentsFirst, but the position is not listed on your website. Is it still available?

    If a position does not appear in our list of vacancies, we are no longer accepting applications. Occasionally, a posting on an external site outlives the actual vacancy. Our website is the most reliable place to check whether or not a position is still available.

    What does “flexible location” mean?

    Positions that are listed as having a flexible location can be based out of a home office anywhere in the United States.

    Can I drop my resume off at your headquarters location and speak to someone in person?

    Applications are only accepted online. We work judicially to follow best hiring practices, and we believe by submitting an application online, every candidate is granted the same opportunity.

    Does StudentsFirst offer summer internships?

    We offer part-time and seasonal job opportunities throughout the year and occasionally hire interns over the summer. Summer opportunities are typically posted in the spring. Most seasonal and part-time vacancies have unique application procedures; please check the relevant posting for information on how to apply.

    If you have a question not answered here, please feel free to contact us by email at hrhelp@studentsfirst.org

    What is the normal timeline from application until decision?

    We are currently in the beginning stages of rolling out a new process, but we hope to respond to all candidates one way or the other within 30 days.