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Lindsay W. Huddleston II | State Director

Michigan is fertile ground for StudentsFirst to make a significant impact on education reform throughout our great state. With your support of our agenda, together we can put our 1.6M Michigan students at the center of education policy.

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A Pathway Towards Improving Charter Schools in Michigan

One of the beacons of educational hope in Detroit can be found at Detroit Achievement Academy, a small school on the city’s northwest side. The school is only 2 years old, but it’s already experiencing amazing results in both math and reading. When the first-graders were assessed at the end of last year, school officials discovered they had experienced an average of nearly 11/2 years of growth in math.A year-and-a-half of math growth in just one year? That’s remarkable. Then again, it shouldn’t be remarkable. It should be the norm. And the fact that it’s happening at one school in Detroit should give us hope that it can happen at every school in Detroit.

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