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Lindsay W. Huddleston II | State Director

Michigan is fertile ground for StudentsFirst to make a significant impact on education reform throughout our great state. With your support of our agenda, together we can put our 1.6M Michigan students at the center of education policy.

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Detroit education reforms also must address 'school-to-prison pipeline'

My organization, StudentsFirst Michigan, recently began partnering with other youth advocacy groups to host screenings of a Tavis Smiley documentary that examines the school-to-prison pipeline. In doing research for these events, I came across a statistic that resonated with me:Of men locked up in state and federal prisons, 68 percent do not have a high school diploma. That actually didn't surprise me much, but it did make me think about the important challenge ahead of us in reforming Detroit Public Schools.

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Latest NAEP scores show more than two-thirds of Michigan students lag behind in math and reading

Gov. Rick Snyder and the legislature have rightly had a laser-like focus on fixing the chronic financial and academic problems faced by Detroit Public Schools. But as the latest NAEP scores indicate, a similarly intense approach will be needed to dramatically improve a statewide education system that is not fulfilling its promise to kids and their families.

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