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Ryan Stauffer | State Outreach Director

Whether in St. Louis or in rural communities in southern Missouri, we must ensure that every child in our state has access to a high quality education.

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Missouri Transfer Law and Racial Integration

The Missouri school transfer issue has gotten a lot of national attention lately. The popular, nationally syndicated radio show This American Life dedicated an episode to talking about the Normandy school district, which serves kids in North St. Louis County. It provides powerful, personal stories that make a compelling argument in favor of the Missouri transfer law and racial integration.

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Why I became a teacher

This week is teacher appreciation week and it's always nice to get reminders about why I became a teacher. Whether anyone tells me it or not, I know that every day there are people who appreciate what I do. Teaching is one of the greatest jobs in the world because I know I'm having a lasting impact on my students every day in my classroom.

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