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Andrew Diss | State Director

I am a product of Nevada schools. I have grown up here and have been given the opportunities I have because of my education. As our state continues to grow, so do the challenges we face. But together we can foster a climate of achievement that supports our students’ drive to succeed.

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Debbie Smith: A Champion for Nevada's Kids

This past week, Nevada lost a champion – a champion for families, a champion for justice, and especially for kids. She leaves a legacy unrivaled by any currently serving legislator and her steady presence and guidance will be greatly missed as the New Nevada continues to move forward.

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Opportunity Scholarships VS. ESAs

During this past legislative session, we passed a large number of new laws that will transform Nevada’s education system. But only one of those new laws is focused on helping low-income families who are trapped in failing schools with no options. That new law is the Opportunity Scholarship Program.

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Pretend You're a 6th Grade Teacher

Stop what you’re doing, and take a moment and pretend you’re a 6th grade teacher. ou have 3 children to teach. The first child is from a stable, middle class home and did well in 5th grade. The second child is a first generation American, whose parents don’t speak English and can’t help him with much of his homework after school. The third child has a learning disability and struggled in 5th grade.

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The MGM Grand Sized Problem

How many kids attend the 78 chronically failing schools in Nevada? Well, imagine all of the MGM Grand Garden Arena’s 16,800 seats filled. That’s how many kids go to a failing school in Nevada.

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