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Bradford Swann | State Director

We believe that every child should have the opportunity for a great education, and students across South Carolina need an advocate who fights for them. That's what StudentsFirst is doing every day.

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Commentary: We need great teachers

Today marks the start of Teacher Appreciation Week, a time we should reflect on the contributions made by those who dedicate their careers – as well as so much of themselves – to helping open students’ minds to new ideas as they explore the world around them. This week we should recognize the teachers in our lives, and encourage our children to do the same.

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Push for charter takeover of failing schools comes to South Carolina

StudentsFirst South Carolina Director Bradford Swann said lawmakers could create a turnaround district as part of their answer to the state Supreme Court’s 2014 decision in Abbeville County School District v. South Carolina, which found the state had violated its own constitution by failing to provide “minimally adequate” education in impoverished rural counties.

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Help Improve All Schools, by CHASE WILLINGHAM

Any educational fix passed by lawmakers should be comprehensive and not just affect the 33 mainly rural school districts named in the Abbeville case. It’s clear that South Carolina’s educational woes exist outside tidy rural boundaries, and it’s time that we find solutions that are elastic enough to address the common barriers to quality education across the state...

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Homegrown perspective

What I took from that experience was the need for serious reforms to take place in public education. We can't sit idly by and do nothing while generation after generation is forced to attend mediocre or low performing schools.

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