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Brent Easley | State Director

As a parent and a lifelong learner, I know the impact a quality education can have. As an educator's son, I know the impact a great teacher can have. It is StudentsFirst's goal to ensure that the right policies are in place so students across this state can have both.

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Boyatt: GOP presidential race shows consensus forming around school choice

On Sept. 16, 11 of the 16 major Republican presidential candidates gathered at the Reagan Library in California for the second debate of the election cycle. Although bearing the same party label, they each articulated their own unique vision for the country and offered dueling perspectives on a litany of economic, foreign policy and national security issues. Yet amid the stark contrasts that emerged, there was a stunning lack of dissension on one topic briefly raised by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush: school choice.

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The New Republican Consensus: School Choice

In today’s divisive political environment, finding widespread agreement on practically any issue can seem like an impossible endeavor. Yet amid the deafening political rancor that has come to plague much of our national dialogue on public policy, at least one issue seems to be gaining widespread agreement, especially among the Republican candidates running for President: school choice.

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